Counseling Degrees

Get your degree in mental health or relationship counseling

Counseling is an extensive but important field. Broadly, it is the study of human beings and their behavior, in the interest of offering treatment and improving the lives of those involved. However, it includes a variety of therapy fields, each with a different purpose in mind. For example, it may refer to career counseling; these counselors help people find jobs or even new careers after being laid off (or simply for a change). Counseling may also include mental health counseling and the rehabilitation of those who have recently suffered critical or disruptive changes in their lives.

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Those who graduate with counseling degrees can anticipate a challenging but rewarding career in helping others overcome their personal and professional problems. A school that specializes in counseling will show students the basic principles of working with and engaging patients, and how to understand and employ strategies for helping those patients work to improve their own lives.

Online Counseling Degrees

It is possible to acquire a counseling degree online. Those who work towards an online counseling degree can acquire certification at a variety of different levels, including a bachelor's degree, master's degree or a doctorate. Although each state has varying requirements for certification, most licensed counselors have a master's degree.

Students interested in a degree in counseling should choose the schools, either online or on campus, that boast the complementary courses that will round out their education and prepare the student for certification and the realities of the working world. For example, students working toward their psychology degrees will want to think about entering a master's program in counseling, since the disciplines go well together.

Careers in Counseling

Careers in counseling are varied but very rewarding. Some graduates enter the educational system, working at elementary or secondary schools to help students overcome academic or personal problems in order to get the grades they need to succeed. Other counseling degree graduates may pursue careers in mental health counseling, relationship counseling, community counseling or in helping victims of physical and substance abuse. Salaries depend on the level of education and career specialization, but typically range from $30,000 to $60,000 per year.